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The Book "Odessa Decameron" Georgy Golubenko

Georgy Andreevich Golubenko (1947-2014) - Ukrainian writer-humorist, playwright and screenwriter, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, member of the Union of Theater Workers, member of the Union of Journalists, one of the creators of Yumorina. The "Odessa Decameron" included the best written by the author: dozens of stories from different years. The last play "The Odessa Foundling" and the chapter from the unfinished novel about the legendary Odessite Boris Davidovich Litvak. The author of the book is the wife of the writer Tatyana Golubenko. The illustrations were performed by Mikhail Reva.

  • Hard cover
  • 288 pages
  • in Russian
  • All proceeds from the sale of the book will be transferred to the REVA Charitable Foundation
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