Назад к новостям

The First Anniversary of Mexican Lockdown


Traveling along the Yucatan Peninsula shores, the sculptor saw secluded beaches all covered with various nondegradable debris brought there by strong currents from the Caribbean. It became a very strong trigger to Mikhail attitude toward human influence to our fragile habitat and he can not be silent as an artist.

Upon Mikhail’s return from such an unexpectable retreat, he had set up an experimental studio at his summer home in a cozy beach town on the Black Sea. There, he completed some sculptures that had been originated in Mexico for scheduled his personal exposition at Odessa Fine Arts Museum. Mikhail decided to name that exhibition REVELATION to share the spiritual connection between divine and tangible in his new and old artworks and to emphasize the fragility of our ecosystem. Those artworks made of natural materials i.e. shells, pebble and corals from the ocean; wood eaten by the sun, salt and termites; ants nests and other creatures of mother nature. His new artworks have an unusual shape, bright saturated colors, vibrant textures and mesmerizing shapes. It reminds us that we have already crossed a rubicon of irresponsible consumption.

His works were filled with new meanings such as an awareness of family values, understanding of our place in this world where humans excessively produce and consumer various items which later dumped into oceans and would not be absorbed by a planet itself ...

The video is dedicated to inspiration from Mexican lockdown

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