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The Battle of Good and Evil

Ukraine is an idea. Ukrainians build their city on the shining hill. Freedom defines Ukraine. The air in Ukraine vibrates with defiance and courage, beating like the sky-blue and sun-gold of its flag. Theirs is the realm of the future. Ukraine lives outside of the Kremlin’s matrix, outside of its dark and dense slavery tradition. It strives to rear away from the past. It rejects the Kremlin’s construct called the “Russian World” and pays for its freedom with thousands of lives. Ukrainian idea of liberty, democracy, and justice stands up to the “Russian world” dogmas of slavery, autocracy, and terror.

The “RuZZian World” is a travesty, a reality show featuring serial killers. The whole nation is kneeling, bowing, and jerking in pagan throws, in paroxysms of patriotism, wallowing in their suffering. Z-zombies send their brain-dead children to trenches and get off on the masochistic slaving for the Tsar. The state matrix strips them of identity. The meat grinder of myth-making churns them into the sausage-like minced human meat, dense soup of dead heads, soldiers’ severed limbs. Stalin’s slaughterhouse becomes Putin’s massacres in Ukraine: Bucha, Irpen, Mariupol, Kharkiv.

With thousands of deaths blurring the border between good and evil, morality fades away. The “RuZZian World” kills not just bodies but souls. Art breaks the conveyer of meanings and the cult of death by questioning everything. Art is the realm of nuances and of doubt. Complexities undermine the crowd mentality, military discipline, and blind obedience.

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