More Books, Less Fear

More Books, Less Fear is a kind of symbol of the consequences of human ignorance and fear.

The award is provided for enlightenment and educational aspects and is aimed to create a new cultural context in the life of the city by the World Club of Odessa. Mikhail Reva designed

The idea of creating this sculpture came to me in Paris. I was at a conference at the Sorbonne at that time. It turned out to be a city in the city, young energy was seething there. It made a terrific impression on me. Then the idea to create a sculpture dedicated to curiosity. As curiosity is a driving progress and a probably the most amazing quality of humanity. This idea of the Ladder of Knowledge kept by a small grotesque man who did not bend under the books almost as high as the Mont Blanc. The spirit of the Internet is also the satisfaction of our curiosity, but I took the source. In general, all our knowledge appeared through books”, - said the founder of REVA Foundation.

The monument More Books, Less Fear is a kind of symbol of the consequences for human ignorance and fear.

The sculpture is located nearby the Odessa National Scientific Library which is one of the biggest treasuries of historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine.

The Library open its doors on September 13, 1829 and was the first public library in Ukraine. There you can find more than five million documents (books, manuscripts, periodicals).

PROJECT STATUS: Completed in 2019

With support from: Gutenbergz Inc.

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